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Our memberships reflect our belief in CrossFit as a high quality training method designed to build optimal general fitness. We believe that when it comes to building and maintaining fitness; best results are achieved through training at least 3 times per week. Training with us at this frequency enables you to:

  • quickly feel a part of the Evolving community

Your fellow members and our coaching team will help you to feel accountable and motivated to keep training; even when the sofa or pub is calling your name.  You will soon find a new group of friends amongst those you train with regularly; friends with a shared interest in fitness

  • build on your foundational knowledge of CrossFit movements

We cover the basics of CrossFit in our fundamentals and elements courses but you will continue to learn new movements and to master these as long as you continue in CrossFit.

  • to make progress against your training and fitness goals

We will encourage you to keep training records so you can track your progress.

With this in mind we offer two membership types:

Limited membership £165 per month includes:

  • Access to up to 13 coached sessions per month (Includes all regular timetabled classes)
  • Access to specialist seminars as part of session limit
  • Unlimited access to Open Gym
  • A named team member to check in with
  • A 30minute 1:1 with a coach every 3rd month
  • A welcome Evolving T-shirt

We recommend this option for those new to CrossFit or combining CrossFit with another Sport

Full membership £225 per month includes:

  • Up to 25 coached sessions per month (Includes all regular timetabled classes)
  • Unlimited Just Gym and Full Member Open Access (independent training)
  • Unlimited Specialist Seminars
  • A named coach who will check in with you weekly
  • A 30minute 1:1 with a coach every 3months
  • Reduced price PT
  • A welcome Evolving T-Shirt

We recommend this option for experienced CrossFit members

Regular CrossFitter looking to visit? Whilst we love to meet fellow CrossFitters, we are a busy box and as such prioritise our regular members. If you’re in town for a short period and looking for a space to train email us with your current box on CC and your preferred trying times – we’ll do what we can to support your ongoing training availability allowing.

Booking is required for access to our facilities please see our terms and conditions 

*prices updated from 1st September 2017

CF Evolving Ltd, Unit 3, 303 Holloway Road, London, N7 8HS, UK