Upcoming Nutrition seminar

Upcoming Nutrition seminar

  Training hard goes half the way to an athletic body. The other half is reached through a healthy and goal-oriented nutrition. Why focus on training and not your nutrition? If you want to be faster, stronger, more powerful, if you want to lose fat or to build muscle your diet plays a key role. […]

Training Plan Summary 7th-13th September

I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed a great day of sunshine. Here is the training plan for the week: CrossFit We are into a week of 3’s so we will be getting pretty heavy! After what should have been a couple of increases over the last 2 months this should start to […]

Training Plan Summary 24th-30th August

I hope you’ve had another fun weekend in quiet London Town.  Sunday was the start of our deload week so for 6 days of this next week you won’t be seeing any specific strength work at the start of the sessions.  We are treating the deload week with the respect it deserves and reining things […]

Training plan summary 17th-23rd August

I hope you’ve had an enjoyable weekend.  The training plan for this week sees the remaining 5, 3, 1+ strength sessions so it’s time to test the upper end of your strength percentages.  Remember the 1+ is as many reps as possible without failing so grind out what you can.  Saturday sees a re-mix of Fight Gone Bad […]

Starting the day right – nutrition and training

“What breakfast should I have?” That’s a question I was asked at the recent Nutrition seminar so as promised I said I’d post some good breakfast choices, so here they are and a little bit of the science behind it. As it says on the tin: breakfast ‘breaks’ your ‘fast’. It is the first thing of […]

Training plan summary 3rd-9th August 2015

CrossFit – we continue where this week finished so still have a few lifts in the 5 rep ranges for our Wendler Strength work.  You should have been doing this already but just in case you haven’t don’t forget to add 5kg to your previous Wendler 1 rep max figures for any lower body lifts […]

Training plan summary 27th July-2nd August

I hope you’ve had another fun week of training and hit some good reps in this heavy week. We continue with a couple more lifts in the 5, 3, 1+ week (our weeks are 8 days long so it will start to crossover) on Monday & Tuesday then we move straight back to the week […]

Training plan summary 20th-26th July 2015

A huge thank you and congratulations to everyone who participated in Saturday’s Box Battles competition against CrossFit City Road either as a competitor, chef, judge or cheerleader – it was a great day and a great example of CrossFit community at its best. We also had three competitors, Lee, Aaron and Doanh at a weightlifting […]

Training Plan Summary 13th-19th July

Here’s the fully updated training plan for week including the MetCon programs and a minor change to one of the CrossFit WODs. I hope you all enjoyed your Mathematics GCSE refresher course with the Wendler calculations this week.  The good news is now that you’ve worked out your ‘Wendler 1 rep max’ you’re all set […]

Training Plan Summary 6th-12th July

An awesome week of sunshine and gym-time under the belt. Let’s hope for more of the same this week. Following on from our deload week we will be starting our new strength cycles. If you want to get the benefits of this cycle then please spend a few minutes reading this email. We will be […]

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