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What’s in Our Timetable

Challenge every aspect of your fitness attending CrossFit sessions in our extensive timetable
Our timetable includes CrossFit sessions as well as a specially selected range of specialist sessions designed to support those with more specialised training goals. These include:

CrossFit WOD

Our CrossFit sessions are designed to provide a complete training session in 60minutes. Our warmups are designed to help you get in the training zone and ready to work hard. Sessions then move on to a strength or skill element where you can focus on technique. Before the hour is up we will challenge you with a scored work out of the day (WOD) and provide a guided, relevant cool down. We use bodyweight and weighted movements in a varied programme designed to test and build every aspect of fitness. Our WOD is usually MetCon in style aimed at testing and building your capacity to train at intensity to achieve optimal results. The coach will enable you to tailor the session according to your needs.


One of the core disciplines of CrossFit training. Many of our members develop a true passion for Olympic Lifting. In just two movements, snatch and clean & jerk, olympic lifting tests and develops all aspects of fitness.

Pure Strength

Focused on traditional strength training and the foundational CrossFit barbell movements. These sessions offer an opportunity to focus on building to the big numbers with awesome form and plenty of time for fun.

Just Gym

Un-coached sessions during which you can work on mobility or accessory work to support your personal training goals. Had a busy week? You can use these sessions to catch up on missed sessions. These are limited in number as we feel you benefit most from training under the eye of our dedicated coaching team.

Our dedicated team also run regular Nutrition, Gymnastics and other specialist sessions for our community; to support your human evolution.


CrossFit Evolving is an established London affiliated CrossFit Box situated on Holloway Road next door to the Underground station. We have parking as well as excellent local Rail and Bus links. We have an extensive timetable of CrossFit and related specialist sessions to enable members of all fitness levels and technical ability to train hard, have fun and achieve results.

Contact us now for a FREE* intro session (Elements) to see how CrossFit Evolving can change your outlook on fitness. The Elements session may form part of a 4 week course to learn the Fundamentals required to participate in CrossFit sessions safely.

Please browse the site to find out everything you need to know about our club.

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CF Evolving Ltd, Unit 3, 303 Holloway Road, London, N7 8HS, UK